Why do I need account?
To receive coins from Rumhaus (how?!) and spend them in the City.
1. Go to our Light Wallet https://wallet.room-house.com. Click on "+Add Account" button:
2. Type some name and some password. Go on and click "Save". Click on the "Cloud" (see picture, find it between "Thrash box" and "Key"):
3. Type your password.
4. Click on "Backup" and a json file with a very long name like "5CyNhRwZWKRxfpSQNg8Fw8aLL3dwQytmLJoFPWYwDcSZybGY.json" is downloaded. But if you don't know where to look for it on your computer, just copy the whole text from the top window, starting with {"address"... , ending with "}}" and paste it in a text editor, and save as a text file with "json" file extension. This is a file with your account, and you need both the password and this file. Save this file somewhere, and WRITE DOWN THE PASSWORD!! If you forget the password, we can't help:(